Minimalist Decor : Tips and Tricks

Have you heard about minimalist decoration and want to learn more about this style? Perhaps you're considering renovating your home, creating a haven of peace that combines simplicity and elegance. Well, you're in luck because you're in the right place!

A decor trend has been firmly established for several years now, and it's called minimalist style. As true interior decoration professionals, we strive to stay informed and share our expertise with our readers.

Straight from the United States, the minimalist style perfectly reflects the image of the contemporary world: modern, futuristic, streamlined, and cutting-edge. It is also a very elemental style that values quality over quantity.

To adopt and arrange this style in your beautiful home or apartment, you'll need to follow several basic rules. Let us detail them for you in this short blog article:

  • The definition of minimalist decor
  • The essential characteristics of minimalist decor
  • The advantages of minimalist decor
  • Our tips for achieving minimalist decor

By reading this article, you will understand the entirety of the minimalism universe and be able to create a unique and warm atmosphere in your living space using our advice and tips. Are you ready? Let's get started with the tips!


I) Minimalist Decor: What is it?

Minimalist style first appeared in the 1960s. At that time, people lived in extravagance and extremism. There was a culture of overproduction, which encouraged people to buy anything and everything. Apart from the textile and clothing industry, the interior design world was most affected by this consumption boom. However, instead of resulting in a beautiful and stylish look, homes became overly cluttered, even messy. It was necessary to declutter and remove all unnecessary items from the house. That's when minimalism was born.

As the name suggests, minimalism is a style that combines simplicity and essentiality. It focuses only on the essential elements and aims to establish "the bare minimum" inside homes. It draws inspiration from the principle of "Less is more."

Since minimalist style is contemporary, it also adapts to new trends and current events. A minimalist house is therefore a modern house that incorporates new technologies available on the market.

minimalist decor definition

II) Minimalist Decor: What are the essential characteristics?

If you want to achieve minimalist decor, you must adhere to the following characteristics: simplicity, the bare minimum, space, organization, ventilation, openness, quality, elegance, functionality, and brightness.

1) Simplicity

Minimalism is an elemental decoration style. It favors simple and streamlined elements. Furniture with excessive sculptures or curvatures, as well as flashy or overly whimsical accessories, should be avoided.

This simplicity is also reflected in the final outcome of the decor. In a minimalist style, you will never find excessive elements. Everything is well harmonized and arranged.

2) The Bare Minimum

As mentioned earlier, minimalist decor focuses only on essential elements. When we talk about essential elements, we mainly refer to objects that are necessary or even mandatory in a room. In other words, the room couldn't exist without them. For example, in a bedroom, the essential elements are the bed, the mattress, the blankets, and the bedside tables. The rest is accessory and therefore not obligatory. Similarly, for the living room, the sofa and the coffee table are the main furnishings that compose it.

However, even though minimalist style favors "the bare minimum," it doesn't mean that you can't add any ornaments. You can still add them, but it is important to do so in a measured manner and choose ornaments that complement the overall aesthetic without overcrowding the space.

rangement minimaliste

3) Ventilation and Openness

Ventilation is also an important criterion not to be overlooked in minimalist decor. To ensure it, you should incorporate as many openings as possible in your home. In principle, glass sliding doors are highly recommended for a minimalist interior. They are wide, sleek, and modern, which is exactly what minimalism requires.

As a reminder, a glass sliding door is an opening composed of a glass assembly and a frame. The frame, which serves as support, can be made of aluminum, wood, steel, or PVC. However, aluminum is the best choice for a minimalist house. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also durable and can last for decades. It is even available in various colors and designs, giving you a wide range of options.

In terms of arrangement, there are different types of glass sliding doors: single-panel, double-panel, triple-panel, and so on. The choice of model will depend on the size of your opening (the larger it is, the more panels you may need). Finally, in terms of opening method, there are fixed doors, sliding doors, and hinged glass doors. 

Fixed doors are primarily for illuminating the room rather than allowing air to enter. Sliding glass doors open by sliding along a rail. Hinged glass doors open like a traditional door and are particularly practical if you have a sufficiently large space.

4) Quality and Elegance

Minimalist decor emphasizes quality over quantity. In this style, it is preferable to have a few materials that are chic and durable rather than overloaded objects with unattractive appearances. If you want to highlight this decor, you should therefore prioritize sturdy and resistant materials.

5) Functionality

Minimalism is not only about aesthetics but also about being functional and practical. Your furniture and accessories should have everyday uses. If possible, choose models that can serve two or three functions at the same time (e.g., a sofa bed, a convertible armchair, a modular table, etc.). This will help you avoid wasting space and money.

Also, make sure to favor appliances and tools with the latest technology. Minimalist style is primarily a futuristic style, oriented towards innovation.

6) Brightness

Lastly, a minimalist house should be well-lit. Therefore, don't hesitate to add artificial light sources in addition to natural openings. This will enhance the interior lighting, especially during the night.

couleurs mur déco minimaliste

Please note that now you know absolutely everything there is to know about the world of minimalist decor. With this article, you have discovered some ideas and tips to create a perfect decor that adheres to its principles while reflecting your personality!


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