Minimalist Living Room : Our Top Recommendations

Are you looking to refresh the decor of your living room? Do you want to create a more modern and chic space? If so, the minimalist style is the perfect solution.

With its focus on simplicity and functionality, the minimalist style will provide your living room with an elegant, practical, and spacious ambiance. To assist you, we will even suggest some decor ideas and elements that you can incorporate into your living room to achieve a true minimalist style. You will learn how to:

  1. Choose the materials for your living room
  2. Select the furniture for your living room
  3. Incorporate accessories into your living room

By reading this article, you will gain a better understanding of the minimalist universe and be able to apply it effectively to your living room. So let's get started without further delay...

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I) What types of flooring should you choose for your living room?

The arrangement of a minimalist-style living room should begin with the flooring and walls. Many people tend to overlook them, yet they have a significant impact on the overall room decor. Since minimalist style prioritizes quality over quantity, it is important to choose noble and simple materials for your floor coverings.

1) Flooring

For the flooring, you can choose from the following options: laminate flooring, polished concrete, tiles, and carpet.

A) Laminate flooring:

This is the ideal flooring for a minimalist-style living room. It is modern, stylish, and visually simple. It is also resistant and durable, and can adapt to any type of decor and furniture. But its greatest advantage is the variety of models available. It comes in different formats: wood effect, cement effect, tile effect, etc. However, parquet flooring (wood effect) is ideal for a minimalist-style living room.

Stick to neutral colors for the flooring. Choose colors like gray, black, white, or honey brown.

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B) Polished concrete:

Relatively unknown a few years ago, polished concrete has gained popularity recently. It is highly recommended for a minimalist-style living room. But what is it exactly?

Polished concrete is a material obtained by polishing concrete. The concrete is sanded to achieve a smooth and flat surface. Polished concrete has a very similar appearance to tiles, but without any visible grout lines. It can also be customized according to your preference, for example, by staining it with a different color.

Why choose polished concrete for your minimalist living room? Polished concrete is a design material with a clean and primitive look. It is therefore natural to incorporate it into a minimalist interior. Moreover, it enhances the lighting of the room, which is an important aspect in minimalism.

small minimalist living room

C) Tiles

Tiles are another flooring option you can choose for your minimalist-style living room. However, in this case, opt for a plain design without any ornamentation or patterns. Stick to neutral tones for the color selection. And lastly, smooth tiles are the best choice for the structure.

D) Carpet

You can also choose carpet as a flooring option for your living room, as long as you know how to properly maintain it. Keep in mind that carpets tend to accumulate dirt and debris, so regular cleaning is essential to maintain an elegant and chic appearance.

2) For the walls

When it comes to wall coverings, nothing beats a good coat of paint: it's simple and very effective. However, if you want to add a little more dynamism, you can opt for other coverings such as wallpaper, as long as you choose simple and discreet patterns.

For the wall color, you can choose from a wide range of options:

- The all-white look: white is the perfect color for a minimalist living room. It's clean and versatile. Plus, it enhances the room's lighting intensity. By choosing this color, you'll achieve a more spacious, bright, and airy living space.

- Contrasting two colors: you can also paint your walls in two contrasting colors (for example, black and white, dark blue and light gray, etc.). However, always make sure to stay within slightly neutral and discreet tones. Avoid overly warm shades like yellow, red, etc. as they tend to weigh down the room's decor.

- White and another dark color: if you don't want to paint your walls entirely white, you can pair it with other darker colors. Some recommended options for a minimalist living room include duck blue, dark gray, brown, and powder pink. You can apply them to one side of the walls to break the monotony of white.

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You now have all the knowledge you need to transform your living room into a minimalist style. This article has provided you with ideas and inspiration to create a modern, elegant, and functional space.

Whether you choose to do the decoration yourself or seek the assistance of a professional, you are ready to start your renovation.


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